Technical specifications for exporting data on solidarity entreprises

General orientations

In October 2011, during the FIESS Meeting in Montreal, it would be interesting to show some simple demonstrations on how a global map of solidarity economy enterprises could look like.

This document provides the technical specifications for receiving requests from the global map and for the format of the results to be given.

The idea is to have a world map, probably using googlemaps, where a user can use some filters to look for solidarity economy enterprises. When the user chooses his/her filters, each system will receive the request and sare data for the map rendering. And when a user clicks on a point in the map, the map will request to the system to which this point belongs for some extra infos about the SSE enterprise to show in the window tab.

This means that each information system should have a script that receives the request, processes the search in its database, and provides the result for the global map.

As an example, let's suppose the Cirandas data, from FBES (Brazil), would be provided from the script located in the following URL:

This is the url that the demonstration page will use to request and receive data from Cirandas. It will be used as example throughout this document.